Exploring the Evolution of Typhoon Lekima (2019) Moving Offshore Northeast of Taiwan with a Multi-Resolution Global Model

Ching Yuang Huang, Chau Hsiang Chang, Hung Chi Kuo

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Typhoon Lekima occurred in early August 2019 and moved northwestward toward Taiwan. During offshore passage, the typhoon underwent rapid intensification, with a northward deflected track, moving closer to northeastern Taiwan. A global model, MPAS, at a multi-resolution of 60-15-3 km, is utilized with ensemble forecasts to investigate the dynamic processes causing the track deflection and intensity change as well as identify the track uncertainty to initial perturbed conditions under the topographic effects of the Central Mountain Range (CMR). For spinning up the typhoon vortex in ensemble forecasts, dynamic vortex initialization has been enforced with a 3 km resolution targeted at the Taiwan area. As one specific member track is similar to the best track, the track deflection is significantly reduced in the absence of the Taiwan terrain, highlighting the role of the topographic effects of the CMR. For these tracks with similar deflection, the northward deflection is caused by the induced strong flow to the east of the typhoon center in response to the re-circulating flow around southern Taiwan, which produces the wavenumber-one gyre in the asymmetric flow difference to drive the vortex northward. The typhoon translation around the Taiwan terrain is dominated by the changing wavenumber-one horizontal potential vorticity (PV) advection during the track deflection in the ensemble forecasts. The formation of an intense PV tongue along the upper eyewall is a facilitation precondition of RI, while RI can be significantly enhanced in the presence of an intense lower-stratospheric PV core near the upper eye, which is produced by the radial inflow of the developed transverse vortex circulation over the upper-level outflow layer.

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