Exploring factors influencing impulse buying in live streaming shopping: a stimulus-organism-response (SOR) perspective

Shu Chiung Lin, Hsiao Ting Tseng, Farid Shirazi, Nick Hajli, Pei Tzu Tsai

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Purpose: Based on the stimulus-organism-response theory, this research constructs the influence of the stimulus factors of the live-streaming shopping environment on consumers' psychological situation. It then produces the research model of impulsive purchase intention. Design/methodology/approach: In this study, the online questionnaire survey method was used to survey users who participated in live-streaming shopping, and a total of 335 valid questionnaires were collected. Then SPSS and SmartPLS were used for data empirical evaluation and hypotheses test. Findings: Research results show that demand, convenience, interactivity, and playfulness are positively stimulating consumers' perceived enjoyment. And their perceived enjoyment directly drives their intention of impulsive purchase. Practical implications: The choice of the live streaming platform, the design of the interactive interface, and the design of the shopping process are all factors that the streamer must carefully consider. The results of this study can be used as a reference for the development of live-streaming shopping and provide the industry with an understanding of the main factors that affect users' live streaming and impulsive purchases to plan an effective live streaming platform and content. Originality/value: “E-commerce live streaming” is regarded as the latest trend of e-commerce, and impulse buying is regarded as a key factor in the success of transactions. This research has developed factors that influence impulsive purchases after watching live streaming based on the SOR theory.

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期刊Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
出版狀態已出版 - 26 5月 2023


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