Experimental study on ozone synthesis via dielectric barrier discharges

Moo Been Chang, Shi Jia Wu

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The characteristics of ozone generation using a dielectric barrier discharge reactor were investigated experimentally. Results indicate that ozone concentration increases with increasing applied voltage and gas residence time. In addition to applied voltage, ozone generation rate varies with reactor configuration as well. Optimum ozone generation rates can be reached at the specific gas residence time for a given applied voltage and gas composition. At the same applied voltage, the reactor with a single dielectric barrier results in a higher ozone generation rate in comparison with the reactor having double dielectric barriers. Given a constant N2/O2 ratio in the feed gas, NO(x) concentration increases as applied voltage and gas residence time increase. Results indicate that maximum NO(x) concentration is reached when the N2/O2 ratio of feed gas is 4.

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期刊Ozone: Science and Engineering
出版狀態已出版 - 1997


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