EVCS - A complete electronic virtual conference system

Timothy K. Shih, Jiung Yao Huang, Jason C. Hung

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Electronic activities are realized on the Internet due to the growth of the Internet. As conference organization is getting more popular, we proposed an electronic virtual conference system (EVCS) to handle all activities of real-world conferences. The EVCS includes a virtual conference management system (VCMS) and a mobile conferencing system (MCS). Video conferencing is a trend of future communications. With the improvement of broadband network technologies, video conferencing becomes possible in the global society. It is feasible to use video conferencing technologies to organize future international conferences. As such, transportation and accommodation costs are saved. This paper proposed a total solution toward virtual conferencing. We use a mobile server/storage pre-broadcasting technique, as well as a communication network optimization algorithm, which is based on a graph computation mechanism. The system also relies on a network bandwidth reservation facility as well as a multicasting control function. With the assistance of the virtual conference management system, the system is able to support virtual conferencing in the future academic society.

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期刊International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
出版狀態已出版 - 2月 2001


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