Evaluating WebCT use in relation to students' attitude and performance

Lamis Hammoud, Steve Love, Lynne Baldwin, Sherry Y. Chen

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Teaching and learning are no longer limited by place or time. Large numbers of educational institutions are now using course management systems such as WebCT. This study examined students' attitude and achievement in relation to their use of WebCT. Statistical data was gathered weekly from the WebCT tracking system log files. Students' achievement was measured by the grades they obtained in the observed module. Students' attitudes towards WebCT were measured using a Likert-type attitude scale. The results of this study indicated that students have a positive attitude towards WebCT. The mo&de leader valued WebCT as a supporting tool to traditional face-to-face learning but not as an effective tool for helping students' learning. The use of WebCT was found to have positive influence on students' achievement as statistically significant relationships were found between students' use of WebCT and their grades.

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期刊International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education (IJICTE)
出版狀態已出版 - 2008


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