Enhanced Magnetoresistance of Doped WTe2Single Crystals

Erh Chen Lin, Yu Ting Lin, Cheng Tse Chou, Chun An Chen, Yun Jei Wu, Po Han Chen, Shang Fan Lee, Chia Seng Chang, Yung Fu Chen, Yi Hsien Lee

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Magnetoresistance (MR), a change of electrical resistance in response to an external magnetic field, revolutionizes the fundamental study of spintronics and leads to applications in solid-state memory devices. Tungsten ditelluride (WTe2) exhibits an extremely large MR below 10 K and is highlighted to explore unique properties at high temperatures, such as ferroelectricity at 300 K and the quantum spin Hall effect at 100 K. However, these remarkable phenomena only appear in the exfoliated crystals protected by h-BN encapsulation. Here, an enhanced MR is demonstrated in the synthesized WTe2single crystals. The high crystallinity and tunable thickness of the WTe2single crystals are achieved by promoter-assisted chemical vapor deposition. The MR of WTe2shows a nonsaturating behavior with a positive MR of ∼2000% at 2 K. A large MR of ∼50% is observed at 80 K in the as-grown single crystals, which is comparable to that of bulk WTe2and experimentally achieved for the first time. Moreover, the MR is further enhanced by fluoropolymer encapsulation, which effectively induces p-doping in WTe2for promoting carrier compensation. This work indicates the synthesized WTe2single crystals as a promising candidate for next-generation spintronics devices.

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期刊ACS Applied Electronic Materials
出版狀態已出版 - 27 9月 2022


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