Enhanced agility of e-learning adoption in high schools

Gebremariam Mesfin, Gheorghita Ghinea, Tor Morten Grønli, Wu Yuin Hwang

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Education is one among the many social services that enjoyed information technology as an enabler. The digital media and e-learning systems have played significant role as a learning content as well as learning platform with the aim to enhance access to education and quality of learning. In this paper, we investigate the practice of adopting digital media (combination of text, images, audio and video) into the school curricula (taking Ethiopia as a case study). We surveyed the accessibility of multimedia-rich e-learning resources; the experiences of students and teachers on using multimedia technologies; and their experiences on adopting multimedia in teaching learning process. Our findings indicated that the experiences of teachers and students on using advanced digital technologies is fair. However, there is only limited access to multimedia rich e-learning resources, and premature practice of adopting the technologies into the teaching learning. The mapping of these results to the existing models of adopting e-learning into the curricula showed that the schools' status correspond to the initial phases and further recommendations on successful e-learning adoption is provided. In addition, we proposed an agile model to continuously catch the evolving technological innovation and for large scale e-learning adoption into a curricula.

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期刊Educational Technology and Society
出版狀態已出版 - 2018


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