Electroweak studies in e+e- collisions: 12<s<46.78 GeV

B. Adeva, H. Anderhub, S. Ansari, U. Becker, R. Becker-Szendy, J. Berdugo, A. Boehm, M. Bourquin, J. G. Branson, J. D. Burger, C. Camps, M. Cerrada, C. C. Chang, Y. H. Chang, H. S. Chen, M. Chen, M. L. Chen, M. Y. Chen, V. Commichau, E. DeffurK. Deiters, M. Dhina, J. Fehlmann, H. S. Fesefeldt, D. Fong, W. Friebel, M. Fukushima, L. Garrido, K. Z. Guo, R. D. Han, K. Hangarter, R. Hausammann, G. Herten, U. Herten, H. Hofer, D. Hueser-Teuchert, M. M. Ilyas, W. Krenz, R. Leiste, Q. Z. Li, D. Linnhoeffer, D. Luckey, H. Ma, W. Ma, C. Mana, M. A. Marquina, M. Martinez, J. Mnich, H. Newman, H. Nierobisch, W. D. Nowak, M. Nusbaumer, M. Pohl, R. R. Rau, D. Ren, S. Rodriguez, M. Rohde, J. Rose, J. A. Rubio, H. Rykaczewski, M. Sachwitz, J. Salicio, H. J. Schreiber, U. Schroeder, J. Schug, P. Schulte, H. Stone, H. W. Tang, Samuel C.C. Ting, M. Tonutti, K. L. Tung, D. Twerenbold, G. Viertel, H. Vogt, Z. M. Wang, M. White, H. G. Wu, S. X. Wu, M. F. Wyne, B. Wyslouch, B. X. Yang, B. Zhou, R. Y. Zhu

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The Mark J Collaboration at the DESY e+e- collider PETRA presents results on the electroweak reactions e+e-+-+-,+-, and e+e-+-. The c.m. energy range is 12 to 46.78 GeV. In the +- and +- channels the total cross sections and the forward-backward asymmetries are reported and compared with other experiments. The results are in excellent agreement with the standard model. The weak-neutral-current vector and axial-vector coupling constants are determined. The values for muons and s are compatible with universality and with the predictions of the standard model. In the +- channel, all measured distributions, including the forward-backward muon asymmetry, are in excellent agreement with the electroweak theory. Our data on the two-photon process, e+e-+-, agrees with QED to order ±4 over the entire energy range and the Q2 range from 0.7 to 166 GeV2.

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期刊Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
出版狀態已出版 - 1988


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