Electronic structure of metals. VI. Magnetic susceptibilities of simple metals

S. K. Lai, S. Wang, C. B. So

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For pt.V see ibid., vol.7, p.1453 (1977). Formulae, which include the full nonlocality of the pseudopotential, are derived for the calculation of the electronic steady magnetic susceptibilities of solid and liquid simple metals. Each of the derived formulae contains a significant correction to that previously derived by other authors. This correction increases significantly the magnitude of the deviations from the free-electron susceptibilities for heavy simple metals, due to the increase in pseudopotential nonlocality in going from the light metal to the heavy metal. Further, in the application of the present derived formulae with pseudopotentials from the energy independent model pseudopotential theory, as used in previous papers of the present series, (i) the results, obtained for various electronic magnetic susceptibilities of the solid alkali metals considered, agree reasonably well with the corresponding experimental results and (ii) the theoretical values of the electronic total magnetic susceptibility chi , obtained for ten liquid simple metals, are used to reduce the range of the uncertainties in the existing values of chi , determined indirectly from experiment.

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期刊Journal of Physics F: Metal Physics
出版狀態已出版 - 1978


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