Effects of event sentiment on product recommendations in a microblog platform

Ping Yu Hsu, Ming Chia Hsu, Tien Hao Wei, Yao Chung Lo, Chin Chun Lo, Ming Shien Cheng, Hong Tsuen Lei

研究成果: 書貢獻/報告類型會議論文篇章同行評審


The occurrence of a planned event often closely correlates with human emotions. Since words describing an emotion are important vehicles for capturing an event, to understand how emotions affect subsequent product recommendations, in this study, we use the microblogging platform “Plurk” in conjunction with a Chinese emotional lexicon developed previously. More specifically, we identify emotional keywords as a basis for distinguishing user sentiment in event-based posts; in the meanwhile, we use these emotional keywords as a gauge for product recommendation. Further, we utilize T-test, one-way ANOVA, and two-way ANOVA approaches to explore the effects different emotional variables have on product recommendations. Our experimental results show that under the influence of positive events, negative emotional posts of a microblog user can enhance the product recommendation effect better than the positive posts themselves. In product recommendations with various emotional words, positive emotional recommendations are able to achieve better recommendations than that of either negative or neutral recommendations. The results of our study can effectively help service and product suppliers carry out social marketing during a given event period and utilize emotional variables to effectively attract user interest in clicking on advertisements on social network sites, thereby achieving the goal of enhancing the product recommendation effect.

主出版物標題Advances in Swarm Intelligence - 8th International Conference, ICSI 2017, Proceedings
編輯Ben Niu, Hideyuki Takagi, Yuhui Shi, Ying Tan
發行者Springer Verlag
出版狀態已出版 - 2017
事件8th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence, ICSI 2017 - Fukuoka, Japan
持續時間: 27 7月 20171 8月 2017


名字Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)
10386 LNCS


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