E-logistics of global manufacturing enterprise: A case study

Jun Der Leu, Yu Tsung Huang, Wei Jun Lu

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Global manufacturing enterprises that operate in several countries need suitable business models and IT applications. Unlike the enterprise's information systems, the IT application is an inter-organizational case, which has a larger application scope and higher integrated level, meaning that a systematic implementation reference is needed. In this research, we study changes in business models and e-logistics implementation for a global electronics manufacturing enterprise by means of a case study. Based on its business strategy and the rationalization process, the case company was able to implement its e-logistics within a short period of time. After its application, the company's performance demonstrated improvements in logistics visibility, the time-to-customer, material inventory and error rate. However, some performance indices, such as the finished-good inventory, were not achieved because of the incomplete e-logistics scope. Based on this evidence, we summarize the company's experience, compare the evidence with some theoretical models, and make suggestions for the development of an e-logistics system. Significance: This case study provides a reference case for the implementation of an e-logistics system for a global manufacturing enterprise which stays in the 1-tier of industry value-chain.

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期刊International Journal of Industrial Engineering : Theory Applications and Practice
出版狀態已出版 - 2011


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