Do Financial Incentives Help or Harm Performance in Interesting Tasks?

Ji Hyun Kim, Barry Gerhart, Meiyu Fang

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There continues to be disagreement about whether financial incentives help or harm performance, especially in interesting tasks. Although the Jenkins, Mitra, Gupta, and Shaw (1998) meta-analysis finds a positive effect of incentives, including in interesting tasks (reported ρ = +.34; our computed δ = +.79), a more recent and widely cited meta-analysis by Weibel et al. (2010) reports, in contrast, a negative effect (δ = −.13) of incentives on performance in interesting tasks. Thus, the effect size for interesting tasks differs by.92 standard deviation (SD) between the two meta-analyses, a very large difference. We incorporate primary studies from these two meta-analyses and other sources in a new, more complete meta-analysis of incentives–performance in interesting and noninteresting tasks. We also examine additional key moderators (incentive intensity, how motivation-driven performance is, and autonomy). We find that the incentives–performance relationship is positive in both interesting (δ = +.58) and noninteresting tasks (δ = +.52). In addition, we find that the positive incentives–performance relationship is robust to not only task interest, but also to incentive intensity, how motivation-driven performance is, and autonomy. However, the incentives–performance relationship is less positive for performance measured as quality, especially in interesting tasks. We provide suggestions for future research

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期刊Journal of Applied Psychology
出版狀態已出版 - 2022


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