Distribution and characters of the mud diapirs and mud volcanoes off southwest Taiwan

Song Chuen Chen, Shu Kun Hsu, Yunshuen Wang, San Hsiung Chung, Po Chun Chen, Ching Hui Tsai, Char Shine Liu, Hsiao Shan Lin, Yuan Wei Lee

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In order to identify the mud diapirs and mud volcanoes off SW Taiwan, we have examined ~1500. km long MCS profiles and related marine geophysical data. Our results show ten quasi-linear mud diapirs, oriented NNE-SSW to N-S directions. Thirteen mud volcanoes are identified from the multibeam bathymetric data. These mud volcanoes generally occur on tops of the diapiric structures. Moreover, the active mud flow tracks out of mud volcanoes MV1, MV3 and MV6 are observed through the high backscatter intensity stripes on the sidescan sonar images. The heights of the cone-shaped mud volcanoes range from 65. m to 345. m, and the diameters at base from 680. m to 4100. m. These mud volcanoes have abrupt slopes between 5.3° and 13.6°, implying the mudflow is active and highly viscous. In contrast, the flat crests of mud volcanoes are due to relative lower-viscosity flows. The larger cone-shaped mud volcanoes located at deeper water depths could be related to a longer eruption history. The formation of mud diapirs and volcanoes in the study area are ascribed to the overpressure in sedimentary layers, compressional tectonic forces and gas-bearing fluids. Especially, the gas-bearing fluid plays an important role in enhancing the intrusion after the diapirism as a large amount of gas expulsions is observed. The morphology of the upper Kaoping Slope is mainly controlled by mud diapiric intrusions.

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期刊Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
出版狀態已出版 - 1 10月 2014


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