Discovering the life stories of modern hakka mothers in a classroom

Hung Cheng Chen, Eric Zhi Feng Liu, Sheng Yi Wu, Chin Yu Lin

研究成果: 書貢獻/報告類型篇章同行評審


This study examines the life stories of Hakka mothers by a systematic approach in a classroom. In order to grasp a vivid portrait of the so-called "Hakka Mother", a series of courses that allow every student to revisit the life stories of mothers are proposed. This investigation explores the life stories in two different scopes: the food habit and dressing style. Throughout the dialogues among children and mothers, the life stories embedded in those two scopes have been discovered and the parent-child relationship of each family has been revealed. The results are archived on a social network platform called Ning which enables the Web 2.0 interactions and sharing processes among different users at different platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. This feature enhances the understanding of the cultural aspect of Hakka mothers and invites more people to care about the life story and to contribute their own stories in a similar manner on the social networks.

主出版物標題Curriculum, Learning, and Teaching Advancements in Online Education
發行者IGI Global
ISBN(列印)1466629495, 9781466629493
出版狀態已出版 - 28 2月 2013


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