Development of new technology for tar removal in IGCC

Yi Shun Chen, Shu San Hsiau, Cheng En Liao, Shih Hao Chou

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The hot gas purification process is essential in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), and the technology used therein exhibits high system efficiency and has a low environmental impact. The main purpose of this research is to develop a filtration system that can be used in a near-industrial environment. By controlling the moving granular bed filter in the moving bed mode, this operation could generate a cooling effect and condense the tar in the filter media by incorporating the characteristics of the dew point temperature of tar. Tar could then be collected by the gas sampling system at the gas exhaust end, and the tar removal efficiency could be obtained by comparing the inlet and outlet concentrations. The test parameters were used to explore the influence of tar removal efficiency of medium- and high-temperature granular bed filters by changing the inlet velocity, temperature, and filter media mass flow rate. Test results show that the tar removal efficiency decreased with increasing temperature and velocity. When the concentration of the tar module was 50 g/Nm3, the gas velocity was 1.8 m/s, and the filter media mass flow rate was 300 g/min. The removal efficiency could reach 98.3% at a temperature of 200 °C. In addition, the test results indicate that the removal efficiency led to an optimized filter media mass flow rate at different inlet velocities. These results are expected to lay a foundation for advanced purification technology in the future.

期刊Journal of Cleaner Production
出版狀態已出版 - 15 1月 2023


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