Development of an intelligent disaster information-integrated platform for radiation monitoring

Tzu Husan Lin, Der Cherng Liaw

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Traditional infrastructures are subjected to disasters that carry the risk of major loss of human life if not responded to properly. Damage and injury can and should be minimized through the provision of adequate situational awareness and decision-making support, and for this reason, the internet of things (IOT) is potentially very useful for managing crisis situations via providing sound disaster management and emergency-response information. This study has developed an IOT-based intelligent disaster information-integrated platform (IDIIP) for disaster monitoring, disaster information management, and emergency-response coordination. A radiation-monitoring scenario has been selected to prove the concept of the IDIIP. However, when numerous sensors and related devices are deployed, great difficulties arise in maintaining, updating, and configuring them. To address these issues, we developed a novel IOT-based data storage and exchange framework in IDIIP. Thanks to this framework, IOT devices can be upgraded effortlessly even if site conditions or users’ requirements change. Our framework also makes it much easier to upgrade sensors without rewriting the sensor drivers. An experiment for radiation measurement was conducted to validate our prototype radiation-sensing node and IOT center node. This and an operational radiation-monitoring scenario for this platform are described in the article. All results indicate that this platform would be beneficial for radiation monitoring and disaster information dissemination to the public.

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期刊Natural Hazards
出版狀態已出版 - 4月 2015


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