Development of a miniature pCO2 electrode for biomedical applications

N. C. Lai, C. C. Liu, E. G. Brown, M. R. Neuman, W. H. Ko

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A miniature pCO2 electrode for possible CO2 measurement in a biological system was constructed and evaluated. The pCO2 electrode employed a miniature pH glass electrode and the Severinghaus configuration. The electrode was evaluated in both gas and liquid phases. A good linear relation existed between the measured electrode potential of the pCO2 electrode and the logarithm of the CO2 concentration at 20°C in both gas and liquid phases. The temperature dependence of the electrode over the temperature range of 20-60°C was evaluated. From 20 to 40°C, a change of CO2 of 0·15%/°C at a CO2 level of 9·6 mole% was observed. The response time, pCO2 and temperature-hysteresis effects, and long-term stability of the pCO2 electrode were also investigated and discussed.

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期刊Medical & Biological Engineering
出版狀態已出版 - 11月 1975


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