Developing a new computer game attitude scale for taiwanese early adolescents

Eric Zhi Feng Liu, Chun Yi Lee, Jen Huang Chen

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With ever increasing exposure to computer games, gaining an understanding of the attitudes held by young adolescents toward such activities is crucial; however, few studies have provided scales with which to accomplish this. This study revisited the Computer Game Attitude Scale developed by Chappell and Taylor in 1997, reworking the overall structure of the instrument, and increasing the number of items to 22. The revised scale covers five factors: learning, confidence, liking, participation, and leisure, grouped into three subscales of cognition, affection and behavior. Data gathered from 354 elementary school students has demonstrated the validity and reliability of the proposed scale for investigating the attitudes of elementary students toward learning through computer games, providing additional insight into the influence of gender and Internet usage.

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期刊Educational Technology and Society
出版狀態已出版 - 2013


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