Detecting fake review with rumor model—case study in hotel review

Tien Chang, Ping Yu Hsu, Ming Shien Cheng, Chen Yao Chung, Yi Liang Chung

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With the development of the Internet economy, various websites accumulate numerous reviews about different products and services. Those reviews have become one major information source besides official product information, expert opinion, and automatically generated individualized advice. The survey shows that percentage of gathering buying information on Internet gradually increases by years, and the relevant researchers have also proven that consumers pay more attention to others’ reviews, thus deeply affect consumers’ shopping decision. Unfortunately, by taking advantage of such trend, some dealers manipulate reviews in order to exaggerate their own product or defame their rivals. Those behaviors have brought severe damage to consumers and commerce. This study takes Internet reviews as research object, using rumor model to detect the truth of these review. Our rumor model applied text mining technique and extract 3 major characteristic of review content: important attribute word, specific quantifier, and noun verb ratio to build the model. For testing our rumor model, we take hotel reviews on America website “TripAdvisor” and the comparison group “Fake reviews” as analysis objects. We try to automatically and easily classify true and fake reviews. The result, generated by developed model in this research, shows that the more unique vocabulary and specific quantifier and noun it contains, the less possibility it is fake.

主出版物標題Intelligence Science and Big Data Engineering
主出版物子標題Big Data and Machine Learning Techniques - 5th International Conference, IScIDE 2015, Revised Selected Papers
編輯Zhi-Hua Zhou, Baochuan Fu, Fuyuan Hu, Zhancheng Zhang, Zhi-Yong Liu, Yanning Zhang, Xiaofei He, Xinbo Gao
發行者Springer Verlag
出版狀態已出版 - 2015
事件5th International Conference on Intelligence Science and Big Data Engineering, IScIDE 2015 - Suzhou, China
持續時間: 14 6月 201516 6月 2015


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