Design and implementation of a SCORM-based courseware system using influence diagram

Flora Chia I. Chang, Lun Ping Hung, Huan Chao Keh, Wen Chih Chang, Timothy K. Shih

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Distance learning brings convenience, stability and flexibility. People can learn anytime and anywhere. Designing a distance course and assessing the learner becomes the key issue. In order to solve the disadvantage, a systematic assessment mechanism is proposed to enhance interaction between students and teachers. This paper combines the concept and influence diagram as a courseware diagram which can be implemented as a new authoring tool. First, a course flow chart can be systematically built and student learning performance can be improved by taking different levels of remedial courses based on student performance. Second, course content can be adjusted to maximize students' learning results with analyzing student's learning performance. Thirdly, the courseware diagram can be generated with the international distance learning standard, Shamble Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). Finally, this mechanism can be easily used by the instructor. With its user-friendly interface, the instructor will receive prompt feedback from students.

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期刊International Journal of Distance Education Technologies
出版狀態已出版 - 2005


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