Design and implementation of a large measurement-range AFM scanning system

Jim Wei Wu, Yuan Zhi Peng, Jyun Jhih Chen, Kuan Chia Huang, Mei Yung Chen, Li Chen Fu

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Atomic force microscopy (AFM) opens a new window to the nano-world. It is a widely used tool in nano measurement techniques. However, a traditional AFM system suffers from the limitation of small scanning range, due to the short traveling range of piezoelectric positioners. In this paper, we propose a large measurement-range AFM scanning system which combines both fine positioners of piezoelectric and electromagnetic actuators. While the piezoelectric actuation positioner (PAP) provides high speed scanning with nanometer resolution in the z-axis, the precision electromagnetic positioner (PEP) is capable of 1 mm 2 large field positioning with 20 nm rms error in the xy axes. The overall design of the stage consists of 4 pairs of electromagnetic actuators, monolithic serial flexure guidance with compression springs, an eddy current damper, and a commercial z-axis PAP. Given that there are 1 DOF in PAP and 2 DOF in PEP, the scanning positioners can achieve a large field image scanning. Besides, a stationary compact disk/digital versatile disk pick-up-head (CD/DVD PUH) is used to measure the amplitude of the probe. Moreover, an adaptive sliding mode controller based on the analytical modeling is used to overcome the unmodeled system uncertainties, coupling motion and external noises, including the scanning disturbances. Finally, extensive experiments are conducted, demonstrating feasibility of the proposed system.

主出版物標題2012 American Control Conference, ACC 2012
出版狀態已出版 - 2012
事件2012 American Control Conference, ACC 2012 - Montreal, QC, Canada
持續時間: 27 6月 201229 6月 2012


名字Proceedings of the American Control Conference


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