Decision tree induction with a constrained number of leaf nodes

Chia Chi Wu, Yen Liang Chen, Yi Hung Liu, Xiang Yu Yang

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With the advantages of being easy to understand and efficient to compute, the decision tree method has long been one of the most popular classifiers. Decision trees constructed with existing approaches, however, tend to be huge and complex, and consequently are difficult to use in practical applications. In this study, we deal with the problem of tree complexity by allowing users to specify the number of leaf nodes, and then construct a decision tree that allows maximum classification accuracy with the given number of leaf nodes. A new algorithm, the Size Constrained Decision Tree (SCDT), is proposed with which to construct a decision tree, paying close attention on how to efficiently use the limited number of leaf nodes. Experimental results show that the SCDT method can successfully generate a simpler decision tree and offers better accuracy.

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期刊Applied Intelligence
出版狀態已出版 - 1 10月 2016


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