Cyclic fatigue of hot isostatically pressed silicon nitride at elevated temperatures

C. K.J. Lin, M. G. Jenkins, M. K. Ferber

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Cyclic fatigue properties of a hot isostatically pressed silicon nitride were investigated at 1150, 1260 and 1370 °C in ambient air. The uniaxial tensile tests were conducted under various cyclic loading wave forms and frequencies. The correlation of stress-life relations between cyclic and static fatigue results was evaluated. At 1150-1370 °C, cyclic loading caused less damage than static loading, as evidenced by the longer failure time under cyclic loading versus static loading with the same maximum applied stresses. The cyclic loading effect was more pronounced in high frequency tests at 1260 and 1370 °C and might be related to the viscoelastic behaviour of the intergranular phase. Microstructural analyses and macroscopic cyclic stress-strain and strain-time relations indicated that cyclic loading/unloading may inhibit the normal accumulation of creep damage.

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期刊Journal of Materials Science
出版狀態已出版 - 1月 1994


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