Crystallization phase transition in the precursors of CIGS films by Ar-ion plasma etching process

Wei Ting Lin, Sheng Hui Chen, Shih Hao Chan, Sung Cheng Hu, Wan Xuan Peng, Yung Tien Lu

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Mixed alloy Cu-In-Ga precursors were deposited from Cu-Ga alloy and Indium targets by the DC magnetron co-sputtering method. There were four crystallization phases, In, CuIn2, Cu11In9 and Cu3Ga, identified in the precursor after deposition. A large grain-size CIGS film was achieved by controlling the annealing period for selenization and utilizing a two-stage selenization process for secondary crystallization during rapid thermal annealing process. As the annealing temperature increased, the phase transitions moved toward the Cu-rich inter-metallic phases. In addition, the phase transition, stoichiometric ratio and surface-morphology were modified by Ar-ion plasma etching process of the precursors. The results show that after the ion etching process, the precursors can be transferred into a single Cu11In9 crystallization phase and the number of crevices increased due to the soft texture of indium on the surface of the precursors. Finally, CIGS films with good crystalline properties were achieved after a suitable selenization process of only 1-stage.

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出版狀態已出版 - 2014


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