Context-aware sentiment propagation using LDA topic modeling on Chinese ConceptNet

Po Hao Chou, Richard Tzong Han Tsai, Jane Yung jen Hsu

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A sentiment dictionary is a valuable resource in sentiment analysis research. Previous work has propagated sentiment values from existing dictionaries via semantic networks to build wide-coverage dictionaries efficiently. Unfortunately, this blind propagation method tends to incorrectly estimate sentiment values the further along the chain it goes from the seed word because it does not consider word senses in context. In this work, we propose a context-aware propagation method on Chinese ConceptNet to help resolve this issue. In our approach, we represent contexts using LDA topic modeling by generating a topic for each context. We can then assign concepts different sentiment values for different topics when propagating sentiments on Chinese ConceptNet. Our experiments on both microblog posts and drama dialogue subtitles show that our context-aware approach improves the accuracy of sentiment polarity prediction.

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期刊Soft Computing
出版狀態已出版 - 1 6月 2017


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