Confirmation of Large Super-fast Rotator (144977) 2005 EC127

Chan Kao Chang, Hsing Wen Lin, Wing Huen Ip, Zhong Yi Lin, Thomas Kupfer, Thomas A. Prince, Quan Zhi Ye, Russ R. Laher, Hee Jae Lee, Hong Kyu Moon

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(144977) 2005 EC127 is a V-/A-type inner-main-belt asteroid with a diameter of 0.6 ±0.1 km. Asteroids of this size are believed to have rubble-pile structure, and therefore cannot have a rotation period shorter than 2.2 hr. However, our measurements show that asteroid 2005 EC127 completes one rotation in 1.65 ±0.01 hr with a peak-to-peak light-curve variation of ∼0.5 mag. Therefore, this asteroid is identified as a large super-fast rotator. Either a rubble-pile asteroid with a bulk density of g cm-3 or an asteroid with an internal cohesion of 47 ±30 Pa can explain 2005 EC127. However, the scenario of high bulk density is very unlikely for asteroids. To date, only six large super-fast rotators, including 2005 EC127, have been reported, and this number is very small when compared with the much more numerous fast rotators. We also note that none of the six reporting large SFRs are classified as C-type asteroids.

期刊Astrophysical Journal Letters
出版狀態已出版 - 10 5月 2017


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