Comparison of two fitting methods for ring diagram analysis of very high / solar oscillations

J. Patrón, I. González Hernández, Dean Y.I. Chou, M. T. Sun, T. M. Mu, S. Loudagh, B. Bala, Y. P. Chou, C. H. Lin, I. J. Huang, A. Jiménez, M. C. Rabello-Soares, G. Ai, G. P. Wang, H. Zirin, W. Marquette, J. Nenow, S. Ehgamberdiev, S. Khalikov

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A new method of fitting tridimensional power spectra of solar oscillations is described and compared with a previous one whose use has been more common. The new method fits the parameters of the Lorentzian profiles in a bidimensional k - ω diagram constructed from an azimuthal average of the tridimensional one. The horizontal velocities are then determined keeping these parameters fixed, greatly reducing the computation time. Both methods are compared for two radial orders (n = 3, 4) of a tridimensional power spectrum obtained for a region of about 15° square around solar disk center. The images used in this work correspond to a 3 day set of 1080 × 1080 pixel intensity images obtained at the Observatorio del Teide on 1994 November 8-10 with the Taiwanese Oscillation Network (TON) instrument. The results of the fitted velocities agree within the estimated errors for the two methods. The reduction of the computing time, obtained with the new method makes it convenient for the ring diagram analysis.

頁(從 - 到)869-874
期刊Astrophysical Journal
發行號2 PART I
出版狀態已出版 - 1997


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