Communication and transformation: From contextualization-theology to systemic intercultural hermeneutics of theology

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The problem of cultural depth-dimension of sino-theology lies in the complex of confrontation, conflict and communication between Chinese and sino-culture-system and the Christian religion-system, which has developed in the Western cultural context and from this comes down to the Far East Speaking with the language of contemporary theology, this theme belongs to the sphere of the so-called Contextualization-Theology. But with regard to the philosophical discourse in trend, it stand under the question-horizon of intercultural philosophy. If theological language shall be understood and received in the universal culture-world, it needs to be transformed into philosophical discourse, especially the trend of current philosophy, i.e. hermeneutics. Founded on the text of the main-event of intellectual exchange between Chinese culture and Christianity in cultural context of present Mandarin evangelical church in Taiwan, Communication and Transformation: The Dialogue between Christianity and Neo-Confucian, this essay attempt to translate the model of Contextualization-Theology from Lien-Hwa Chow or his basic concept of indigenous Theology into the language of hermeneutical philosophizing, particularly it will transform the fundamental structure and principle of his indigenous Theology into intercultural hermeneutics, which means the framework of interpersonal relationship and the theological hermeneutics of "Cawwg" or "faithfulness." Then it shall, according to indigenous Theology, outline a ground-conceptualization of the systemic intercultural hermeneutics of theology, for the sake of the paradigmatic change from Contextxialization-Theology to Intercultural Hermeneutics.

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期刊Sino-Christian Studies
出版狀態已出版 - 1 6月 2014


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