Clogging Resistance of High Strength Pervious Concrete

Ming Gin Lee, Yung Chih Wang, Wei Chien Wang, E. A. Yatsenko, Shou Zjan Wu

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This clogging resistant study includes high strength pervious concrete (HSP) and normal pervious concrete (NSP). The HSP concrete aims to carry out 28-day strength above 42 MPa and porosity as close to 10% as possible to achieve the technical specifications. Some of the key tests were porosity, compressive strength, and permeability test. Experimental simulation of sand and soil clogging tests of HSP pavement specimens were under evaluation. The test results indicate that the 28-day compressive strength of HSP higher than 42 MPa can be achieved with specific mix design and compaction energy by Proctor tamper, and their porosity ranged from 7.3 to 11.6%. The coefficient of permeability for HSP and NSP concretes meets Taiwan code requirements for structural concrete. The sand and soil clogging results show that all HSP specimens had better maintenance by vacuum sweeping and restored 60–75% of the overall permeability, while the high-pressure washing only improved the permeability by 4–6%. The reason is that the maximum water pressure of the test equipment is seriously insufficient. It is presumed that the pressure washing maintenance caused sand and soil to penetrate into the pores of the HSP specimen. Furthermore, a predictive model of the clogging potential of porous asphalt mixture has been found to fit well to HSP pavement.

主出版物標題Road and Airfield Pavement Technology - Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Road and Airfield Pavement Technology, 2021
編輯H. R. Pasindu, Saman Bandara, W. K. Mampearachchi, T. F. Fwa
發行者Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
出版狀態已出版 - 2022
事件12th International Conference in Road and Airfield Pavement Technology, ICPT 2021 - Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
持續時間: 14 7月 202116 7月 2021


名字Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering


???event.eventtypes.event.conference???12th International Conference in Road and Airfield Pavement Technology, ICPT 2021
國家/地區Sri Lanka


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