Clean mobility and intelligent transport systems

Michele Fiorini, Jia Chin Lin

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This book provides an overview of current topics in intelligent and green transportation on land, sea and in flight, with contributions from an international team of leading experts. A wide range of chapters discuss: the importance of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); ICT for intelligent public transport systems; ITS and freight transport; energy-efficient and real-time database management techniques for wireless sensor networks; proactive safety - cooperative collision warning for vehicles; electronic toll collection systems; business models and solutions for user-centered intelligent transport systems; digital infrastructures for increased safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability in shipping logistics; integrated visual information for maritime surveillance; automatic identification system (AIS) AIS signal radiolocation, tracking and verification; the impact of satellite AIS to the environmental challenges of modern shipping; how green is e-Navigation?; optimal ship operation: monitoring technology of ship overall heat balance; regulation of ship-source pollution through international convention regimes; foresight application for the transport sector; and trends in aeronautical air ground communications. This book is essential reading for researchers, developers and students of ITS and clean and smart mobility.

發行者Institution of Engineering and Technology
出版狀態已出版 - 1 1月 2015


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