Clean coal technology for removal dust using moving granular bed filter

Yi Shun Chen, Chia Jen Hsu, Shu San Hsiau, Sheng Ming Ma

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An international joint research project into advanced hot gas cleaning in high-efficiency coal and solid waste power generation processes using a granular bed filter has been developed. The goal of this study is to evaluate the filtration performance of a moving granular bed with baffle designs. A series of experiments are performed at room temperature to demonstrate the flow patterns of filtration technology (i.e., the moving granular bed filter) under different operational parameters. Pressure drops and collection efficiency are measured as performance indices and analyzed through a series tests. The important parameters taken into consideration include the mass flow rates of filter granules and filtration superficial velocities. The experimental results show that the best collection efficiency is 99.87%, which is obtained using a baffle, a mass flow rate of the filter media of 600 g/min, and a filtration superficial velocity of 40 cm/s. Furthermore, the test results from this new method can be applied to moving granular bed filters or other filtration systems for a high-temperature environment of industry.

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