Chapter 2.17 Operational evaluation of the Eastern Texas air quality (ETAQ) forecasting system based on MM5/SMOKE/CMAQ

Daewon W. Byun, Meong Do Jang, Chang Keun Song, Soontae Kim, Fang Yi Cheng, Ryan Perna, Hyun CHeol Kim

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An air quality forecasting system for Eastern Texas has been developed utilizing the customized MM5/SMOKE/CMAQ modeling system. We performed 2-day air quality forecasting simulations for the 12 km Eastern Texas regional domain, and the 4 km Houston-Galveston area (HGA) domain. Dynamic boundary conditions were provided by the 36 km resolution conterminous US (CONUS) domain CMAQ simulations. Initial meteorological conditions were provided by the daily Eta forecast results. A set of complex operational scripts was used to allow automatic operation of the data download, sequencing processors, performing simulations and graphical analyses, building database archives, and presenting on the web. The public access web-based user interface has been developed to link the air quality forecasting results with other GIS databases including population and health effects databases. Three different streams of air quality forecasting with slightly different meteorological model options were performed during the summer and fall 2005. The ozone forecasting results were evaluated daily with meteorological and air quality measurements from the surface continuous air monitoring sites in HGA.

主出版物標題Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XVIII
編輯Carlos Borrego, Eberhard Renner
出版狀態已出版 - 2007


名字Developments in Environmental Science


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