Channel routing in open-channel flows with surges

Ming Hseng Tseng, Chiang An Hsu, Chia R. Chu

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Using numerical models for the purpose of channel-routing calculation has been well accepted in engineering practice. However, most traditional models fail to predict the transcritical flows because of numerical instability. This paper presents two high-resolution, shock-capturing schemes for the simulation of ID, rapidly varied open-channel flows. The present schemes incorporate the method of characteristics to deal with the unsteady boundary conditions. Also, the Strang-type splitting operator is used to include the effects of bottom slope and friction terms. To assess the performance of the proposed algorithms, several steady and unsteady problems are simulated to verify the accuracy and robustness in capturing strong shocks in open-channel flows. Furthermore, the results of dynamic flood routing and steady routing are compared to demonstrate the risk of using steady routing for flood mitigation.

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期刊Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
出版狀態已出版 - 2月 2001


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