Bulk-micromachined optical filter based on guided-mode resonance in silicon-nitride membrane

Che Lung Hsu, Yung Chih Liu, Chih Ming Wang, Mount Learn Wu, Ya Lun Tsai, Yue Hong Chou, Chien Chieh Lee, Jenq Yang Chang

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In this paper, a single-layer guided-mode resonance (GMR) filter based on a free-standing silicon-nitride membrane suspended on a silicon substrate is achieved by using bulk-micromachining technology. Both of grating and waveguide structures without a lower-cladding layer, i.e., substrate, are fabricated simultaneously on a silicon-nitride membrane. The device can be used as a transmission bandstop filter with the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, and feasibility to integrate with other optoelectronic elements into a microsystem chip. The design consideration, fabrication procedures, and measured spectral response are shown in this paper. Moreover, by stacking two proposed devices,Δλ of the stopband at a transmission below 10% is 5.06 nm.

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期刊Journal of Lightwave Technology
出版狀態已出版 - 4月 2006


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