Broadband coherent optical memory based on electromagnetically induced transparency

Yan Cheng Wei, Bo Han Wu, Ya Fen Hsiao, Pin Ju Tsai, Ying Cheng Chen

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Quantum memories, devices that can store and retrieve photonic quantum states on demand, are essential components for scalable quantum technologies. It is desirable to push the memory towards the broadband regime in order to increase the data rate. Here, we present a theoretical and experimental study of broadband optical memory based on the electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) protocol. We first provide a theoretical analysis of the issues and requirements needed to achieve broadband EIT memory. We then present our experimental efforts for the movement of EIT memory in cold atoms towards the broadband or short-pulse regime. A storage efficiency of ~80% with a pulse duration of 30 ns (corresponding to a bandwidth of 14.7 MHz) is realized. Due to limitations of the available intensity of the control beam, we could not achieve an optimal storage for the even shorter pulses but were still able to obtain an efficiency of greater than 50% with a pulse duration of 14 ns (31.4 MHz). The time-bandwidth product achieved at an efficiency of 50% is 1267(89).

期刊Physical Review A
出版狀態已出版 - 24 12月 2020


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