Back-fill Sn flux against current-stressing at cathode micro Cu/Sn interface

C. Y. Liu, Y. C. Hsu, Y. J. Hu, T. S. Huang, C. T. Lu, A. T. Wu

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A back-fill Sn flow is reported against the current-stressing at Sn/Cu micro-joint interface. Upon current-stressing, as the cathode Cu 6Sn5 compound is dissolving into adjacent Sn solder matrix, Cu in the dissolving Cu6Sn5 compound region would be highlydepleted, which would likely transform to highly-vacant Sn grains. Thus, a large Sn concentration gradient would be established between the highly-vacant Sn grains (dissolving Cu6Sn5 compound) and the Sn solder matrix, which causes Sn atoms diffusing into the newly-formed Sn grains. The driving force of the back-fill Sn flow was evaluated and, indeed, it can overcome the electromigration force.

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期刊ECS Solid State Letters
出版狀態已出版 - 2014


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