Atmospheric deposition of PCDD/Fs measured via automated and traditional samplers in Northern Taiwan

Kai Hsien Chi, Kung Ting Liu, Shu Hao Chang, Moo Been Chang

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Most polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) in the atmosphere are bound to particles which are suspended in the atmosphere, and eventually settle on soil, vegetation, water bodies or other receptors in the environment. Monitoring atmospheric deposition fluxes (dry/wet) is important in tracing the environmental fate and behavior of PCDD/Fs. PCDD/F depositions were collected via an automated PCDD/F ambient sampler and traditional cylindrical vessels, respectively, from April 2007 to February 2008. The automated PCDD/F ambient sampler used in this study can prevent both re-suspension and photo degradation of the PCDD/Fs collected and effectively separates the PCDD/F samples into dry and wet contributions. The results indicated that the ambient PCDD/F concentrations collected using the PS-1 sampler ranged from 0.02 pg I-TEQ/m3 to 0.16 pg I-TEQ/m3 in Northern Taiwan. The results also indicated that the PCDD/F deposition flux collected using the automated PCDD/F sampler (17.5 pg I-TEQ/m2 d to 25.8 pg I-TEQ/m2 d) was significantly higher than that sampled with the cylindrical vessels (2.0 pg I-TEQ/m2 d to 9.9 pg I-TEQ/m2 d). The difference was attributed to the fact that part of the PCDD/F depositions collected using the traditional cylindrical vessels had undergone photo degradation and evaporation. In addition, the wet deposition flux of PCDD/Fs (39.4 pg I-TEQ/m2 rainy day to 228 pg I-TEQ/m2 rainy day) observed in this study was significantly higher than the dry deposition flux (12.3 pg I-TEQ/m2 sunny day to 16.7 pg I-TEQ/m2 sunny day). These results demonstrated that wet deposition is the major PCDD/F removal mechanism in the atmosphere.

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