Application-oriented offloading in heterogeneous networks for mobile cloud computing

Fan Hsun Tseng, Hsin Hung Cho, Kai Di Chang, Jheng Cong Li, Timothy K. Shih

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Nowadays Internet applications have become more complicated that mobile device needs more computing resources for shorter execution time but it is restricted to limited battery capacity. Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is emerged to tackle the finite resource problem of mobile device. MCC offloads the tasks and jobs of mobile devices to cloud and fog environments by using offloading scheme. It is vital to MCC that which task should be offloaded and how to offload efficiently. In the paper, we formulate the offloading problem between mobile device and cloud data center and propose two algorithms based on application-oriented for minimum execution time, i.e. the Minimum Offloading Time for Mobile device (MOTM) algorithm and the Minimum Execution Time for Cloud data center (METC) algorithm. The MOTM algorithm minimizes offloading time by selecting appropriate offloading links based on application categories. The METC algorithm minimizes execution time in cloud data center by selecting virtual and physical machines with corresponding resource requirements of applications. Simulation results show that the proposed mechanism not only minimizes total execution time for mobile devices but also decreases their energy consumption.

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期刊Enterprise Information Systems
出版狀態已出版 - 21 4月 2018


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