Anisotropy of Seebeck coefficient in Si/Ge composite quantum dots

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In this report, Si5Ge5 alloy and Si/Ge composite quantum dots (CQDs) layers were grown on Si substrates. Seebeck coefficient (S) of Si and Ge wafers, as well as these two samples, were patterned and measured from 60 to 180 °C in [110] and [010] directions. For Si, Ge, and Si5Ge5, the S of each is a constant in this temperature range. However, the S of the CQDs at 60-80 °C is anomalous and much higher than the others. The behavior of the voltage difference is linear to the temperature difference even as large as 50 °C, except for CQDs at 60-80 °C. This result indicates that a narrow distribution of carriers energy with a sharp change in density of state near Fermi-level and selective carrier scattering in the miniband at Si/Ge interface make the discrepancy of charge transport enhanced. The CQDs can be a good candidate for temperature sensing and thermoelectric applications due to their high S and low thermal conductivity near room temperature.

期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態已出版 - 22 8月 2016


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