Angular-insensitive optical filtering based on meta-GMR

Chih Ming Wang, Chen Yi Yu, Sheng Fu Lin, Che Lung Hsu

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In this study, the optical properties of a meta-GMR consisting of a metasurface stacked on a planar dielectric slab waveguide were theoretically investigated. Two different metasurfaces, namely chiral split-ring resonator dimer arrays with/without a rod-shaped antenna, were investigated and compared. Conventional GMR filters utilize gratings to couple the free-space electromagnetic field to the waveguide. The highly dispersive nature of grating leads to low angular tolerance. Here, the grating is replaced by metasurfaces. The metasurface unit cell can be regarded as a polarizable dipole that couples the free-space electromagnetic field to the waveguide and decouples the waveguide mode to the radiation modes. Based on the localized nature of the resonant metasurfaces, the metasurface/GMR hybrid mode exhibits a superior angular tolerance as compared with a conventional GMR filter. This study can open a new avenue to tailor the optical properties of GMR-based devices.

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期刊Optics Express
出版狀態已出版 - 8 6月 2020


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