Analytical study of an active piezoelectric absorber on vibration attenuation of a plate

Y. M. Huang, S. C. Hung

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The attenuation of the transverse vibration of a plate, subjected to a harmonic force, is studied. This goal can be achieved by using an active dynamic absorber. The active absorber is made of a pair of piezoelectric sheets, attached to both sides of the plate, and closed electric circuits. One piece of the piezoelectric material provides a sensor for detecting the motion of the plate. Another piece serves as an active dynamic absorber. The equations of motion of the composite plate, including the plate and the piezoelectric material, and the circuit equations of the sensor and the absorber are derived. The displacements of the plate and the currents in the circuits are calculated. The active absorber can successfully attenuate the vibration. The numerical results show that the proposed active absorber can offer more reduction than that using a passive absorber while the absorber is designed to suppress the resonance of a particular vibration mode. Moreover, the active absorber can also reduce the displacements corresponding to other uncontrolled modes. The effects of altering various parameters of the active absorber are studied and discussed.

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期刊Journal of Sound and Vibration
出版狀態已出版 - 31 1月 2011


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