Analysis of dynamic multiplicity fluctuations at PHOBOS

Zhengwei Chai, B. B. Back, M. D. Baker, M. Ballintijn, D. S. Barton, R. R. Betts, A. A. Bickley, R. Bindel, A. Budzanowski, W. Busza, A. Carroll, Z. Chai, M. P. Decowski, E. García, N. George, K. Gulbrandsen, S. Gushue, C. Halliwell, J. Hamblen, G. A. HeintzelmanC. Henderson, D. J. Hofman, R. S. Hollis, R. Hoøyński, B. Holzman, A. Iordanova, E. Johnson, J. L. Kane, J. Katzy, N. Khan, W. Kucewicz, P. Kulinich, C. M. Kuo, W. T. Lin, S. Manly, D. McLeod, A. C. Mignerey, R. Nouicer, A. Olszewski, R. Pak, I. C. Park, H. Pernegger, C. Reed, L. P. Remsberg, M. Reuter, C. Roland, G. Roland, L. Rosenberg, J. Sagerer, P. Sarin, P. Sawicki, W. Skulski, P. Steinberg, G. S.F. Stephans, A. Sukhanov, J. L. Tang, A. Trzupek, C. Vale, G. J. Van Nieuwenhuizen, R. Verdier, F. L.H. Wolfs, B. Wosiek, K. Woźniak, A. H. Wuosmaa, B. Wysøouch

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This paper presents the analysis of the dynamic fluctuations in the inclusive charged particle multiplicity measured by PHOBOS for Au+Au collisions at √sNN = 200GeV within the pseudo-rapidity range of -3 < η < 3. First the definition of the fluctuations observables used in this analysis is presented, together with the discussion of their physics meaning. Then the procedure for the extraction of dynamic fluctuations is described. Some preliminary results are included to illustrate the correlation features of the fluctuation observable. New dynamic fluctuations results will be available in a later publication.

頁(從 - 到)128-133
期刊Journal of Physics: Conference Series
出版狀態已出版 - 1 1月 2005


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