An LED-based luminaire for badminton court illumination

X. H. Lee, J. T. Yang, J. H. Chang, W. T. Chien, Y. C. Lo, C. C. Lin, C. C. Sun

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In this paper, the design of a luminaire for badminton court illumination is demonstrated from concept through computer simulation, construction trials, on-site installation, comparison with simulations and, finally, evaluations of the illuminated environment before and after the installation of the luminaires. The luminaire is composed of two high-performance light-emitting diode lighting modules, volume scattering diffusers with a one-shot transmittance higher than 70% and a reflecting cavity with a reflectivity higher than 85%. The luminaire has three different exit faces forming three Lambertian-like light sources with low luminance so as to reduce glare to the players when looking at the flight of the shuttlecock. Under similar total electric power consumption, compared to the original traditional lighting, the average illuminance on the ground is enhanced by about 300% and the uniformity is obviously improved. A questionnaire was issued to players before and after the installation of the new light-emitting diode luminaires. The new installation gained much more positive responses for brightness, comfort and number of usable courts from the players than the old installation.

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期刊Lighting Research and Technology
出版狀態已出版 - 5月 2017


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