A three-stage decision-making model for selecting electric vehicle battery technology

Sheng Long Lee, Ping Chuan Chen, Wu Chiang Chan, Shiu Wan Hung

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This study proposes a three-stage decision-making model for the selection of electric vehicle battery technology. Data used for analysis include surveys completed by 45 technology experts from industry, academia, and research throughout Taiwan. A three-stage model that includes developing multiple-criteria during the first stage, integrating the importance of criteria assessment using the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process in the second stage, and using patent analysis tools to further identify the patent portfolio of the technology selected by experts in the third stage are employed. The empirical results indicate that power source management technology and battery module technology are the key technologies for development by the electric vehicle industry. Battery energy storage management and cooling technology are found to be the key for building patent portfolios. When faced with substantial technical and market uncertainty, multiple-criteria for research and development (R&D) selection and stage-wise integration of decision tool must be employed by battery firms to effectively allocate the resources for R&D decisions.

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期刊Transportation Planning and Technology
出版狀態已出版 - 3 10月 2015


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