A thermopile device with subwavelength structure by CMOS-MEMS technology

Chih Hsiung Shen, Yun Ying Yeh, Chi Feng Chen

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Besides the application of the photonic crystal for the photodetector in the visible range, the infrared devices proposed with subwavelength structure are numerically and experimentally investigated thoroughly for infrared radiation sensing in this research. Several complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) compatible thermopiles with subwavelength structure (SWS) are proposed and simulated by the FDTD method. The proposed thermopiles are fabricated by the 0.35 μm 2P4M CMOS-MEMS process in TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). The measurement and simulation results show that the response of these devices with SWS is higher than for those without SWS. The trend of the measurement results is consistent with that of the simulation results. Obviously, the absorption effciency of the CMOS compatible thermopile can be enhanced when the subwavelength structure exists.

期刊Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
出版狀態已出版 - 1 12月 2019


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