A study of the mixing index in solid particles

Shih Hao Chou, Yue Lou Song, Shu San Hsiau

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This study focuses on investigating the mixing state by different mixing indices for different pre-organized particles. We also try to propose a new mixing index and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different cases. The results show that the Avg. distance mixing index indicates the degree of mixing more accurately than other mixing indices for a case of complete segregation. In some cases the degree of mixing would be higher with the Lacey mixing index compared with the other indices, with the size of the cells greatly affecting this value. In other words, the use of any single specific mixing index on its own cannot accurately reflect the correct degree of mixing for all different kinds of systems. The only difference between mixing indices is which one can provide more accurate and stable results.

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期刊KONA Powder and Particle Journal
出版狀態已出版 - 2017


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