A scheduling model and a solution algorithm for inter-city bus carriers

Shangyao Yan, Hao Lei Chen

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The setting of timetables and bus routing/scheduling are essential to an inter-city bus carrier's profitability, its level of service and its competitive capability in the market. In the past, carriers in Taiwan usually set their timetables and bus routes/schedules manually, which was inefficient. In this research we thus attempt to develop a model that will help Taiwan inter-city bus carriers in timetable setting and bus routing/scheduling. The model employs multiple time-space networks that can formulate bus movements and passenger flows and manage the interrelationships between passenger trip demands and bus trip supplies to produce the best timetables and bus routes/schedules. Mathematically, the model is formulated as a mixed integer multiple commodity network flow problem. An algorithm, based on Lagrangian relaxation, a sub-gradient method, the network simplex method, a Lagrangian heuristic and a flow decomposition algorithm, is developed to efficiently solve the problem. The results of a case study, regarding a major Taiwan inter-city bus operation, illustrate the model performance.

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期刊Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice
出版狀態已出版 - 11月 2002


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