A quality-oriented framework with QoS management using Bluetooth as a case

Hwa Chun Ma, Yen Wen Chen

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In a modern society that is inundated with cell phones, laptops, PDAs and other IT facilities, it is little wonder that digital handheld tools and facilities have followed suit in the wireless trend. Services in Bluetooth promise to allow industries and businesses to adapt rapidly to changes in the business environment and to the needs of IT users. Nevertheless, the dramatic changes of services in Bluetooth also result in undesirable interactions that negatively influence quality of service and customer satisfaction regarding Bluetooth. Consequently, it is important to discuss the service quality, service feature interaction and service recovery about Bluetooth and their influence on user satisfaction and trust. Due to particular properties of wireless communication services, there exist software testing models and methodologies in the domain of wireless communication services. Based on the previous literature that defines the overall quality of wireless communication services, this study proposes a quality-oriented framework that may be effectively applied to the area of wireless communication.

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期刊Quality and Quantity
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 2009


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