A model with a solution algorithm for the cash transportation vehicle routing and scheduling problem

Shangyao Yan, Sin Siang Wang, Ming Wei Wu

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Cash transportation vehicle routing and scheduling are essential for security carriers to minimize their operating costs and ensure safe cash conveyance. In real operations, to increase cash conveyance safety, there must be significant variation in daily cash transportation vehicle routes and schedules, making such vehicle routes and schedules difficult to formulate. However, for convenient planning purposes, security carriers normally plan such routes and schedules based on personal experience, without considering variations in routes and schedules from a system perspective. As a result, the obtained routes and schedules are neither safe nor efficient for transporting cash. In this study, a model is developed where the time-space network technique is utilized to formulate the potential movements of cash transportation vehicles among all demand points in the dimensions of time and space. This model incorporates a new concept of similarity of time and space for routing and scheduling, which is expected to help security carriers formulate more flexible routing and scheduling strategies. This is helpful to reduce the risk of robbery. Mathematically, the model is formulated as an integer multiple-commodity network flow problem. A solution algorithm, based on a problem decomposition/collapsing technique, coupled with the use of a mathematical programming software, is developed to efficiently solve the problem. The case study results show that our model and solution algorithm could be useful references for security carriers in actual practice.

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期刊Computers and Industrial Engineering
出版狀態已出版 - 9月 2012


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