A laboratory experiment of shear-induced natural ventilation

Chia Ren Chu, Ren Hao Chen, Jhao Wei Chen

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When the wind direction is parallel to the opening facade, the wind shear near the building opening generates turbulence and entrains air across the opening. This kind of shear-induced ventilation cannotbe predicted by the orifice equation because the time-averaged pressure difference across the opening is close to zero. This study uses wind tunnel experiments and the tracer gas decay method to investigate he ventilation rate of shear-induced ventilation. The influences of opening area A, external wind speed U and wind direction on the ventilation rates Q, of single-sided and two-sided openings are systemically xamined. The experimental results indicate that the dimensionless ventilation rate, Q=Q/UA, of shearinducedventilation is independent of the wind speed and opening area, and the value of Qof two-sided openings is larger than that of a single-sided opening. In addition, a cosine law was used to predict the ventilation rate of building with two-sided openings under various wind directions, and the results are compared with the prediction of the multizone ventilation model COMIS.

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期刊Energy and Buildings
出版狀態已出版 - 10月 2011


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